Young Genius Pooja Bishnoi makes Leander Paes & Dutee Chand proud

There are many talented kids across India but very few achieve the biggest success at a very early age. Young Genius, a show that discovers young prodigies from across India who have the potential to become our future geniuses, features one such extra-ordinary talent Pooja Bishnoi – a 9-year-old athlete from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Before any race, Pooja Bishnoi’s only aim is to reach the finish line faster than anyone else. Currently, preparing for the 2024 Olympics, the Young Genius’ fitness regime and race technique has caught the attention of Indian tennis legend Leander Paes and Indian professional sprinter Dutee Chand. Pooja’s hard work has also earned her support from the Virat Kohli Foundation.

Leander Paes took Pooja Bishnoi’s autograph on the show and gave her interesting tips to consistently achieve bigger success. He also praised the Young Genius for her achievements and said, “I have become a fan of her. A lot of people can become athlete but to become a champion you need to be fit physically and mentally and very good with techniques. I will cheer and clap for Pooja Bishnoi when she will win the Olympic medal.” Dutee Chand also added, “It feels very nice that Pooja is chasing the dream of winning the 2024 Olympic medal at such a young age. She is working hard and sacrificing a lot to make India proud.”

Catch Pooja Bishnoi with Leander Paes and Dutee Chand in the second episode of BYJU’s Young Genius only on News 18 Network on 23rd January (Saturday) and repeat telecast on 24th January (Sunday)!