Twitter's Public Policy Director Mahima Kaul Resigns in India

Mahima Kaul Resign has resigned from the post of Twitter's Public Policy Director India in India. Twitter says that Mahima Kaul will continue to hold her responsibility till the end of March and help in the change of work. Twitter also said that Mahima Kaul wants to focus on her personal life.

Mahima Kaul is the director of Twitter's Public Policy Director (India and South Asia), who stepped down in January for personal reasons. A senior Twitter official gave this information. However, she will continue to carry out her official responsibility till March. Twitter says that Mahima has taken this break to focus on her personal life. This is a loss for Twitter. But after a five-year-long role, we respect the desire to focus on our close and family relationships. Twitter Public Policy Vice President Monique Meche said that Mahima will continue to discharge the responsibilities of her post till March.

The information about Mahima's resignation has come to light at a time when there has been a whirlwind in India over the tweet of foreign celebrities during the Kisan agitation. Twitter had briefly blocked the Twitter handle of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in November 2020. When a parliamentary committee meeting was held in January, Twitter officials were asked for what reasons the account of the Union Home Minister was blocked.

India is the third largest market for Twitter. America and Japan occupy the first and second position respectively. Twitter has crores of users in India, including actors, sportspersons, government officials, politicians and other personalities.

The central government had written a very strong letter to Twitter last week, in which about 250 accounts were unilaterally taken unilaterally. Twitter was directed by government agencies to block these Twitter accounts in the case of tweeting objectionable hashtags about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. CPI (M) leader Mohammad Salim, some people from media organizations were also involved.

Fictitious, shocking and inflammatory tweets were also made from these Twitter accounts. The central government has said that Twitter did not follow the government's order. It said in the letter that the social media company cannot disregard any order by considering itself as a court. Twitter has to follow the guidelines of government agencies to stop the inflammatory content that spoils public order.