Samsung Innovation Award Recognizes Cutting-Edge Innovations from Students at IIT-ISM Dhanbad

Samsung India conducted the 10th edition of the Samsung Innovation Award at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) ISM Dhanbad to recognize and reward innovations by student-faculty teams that have the potential to revolutionize everyday living. Unlike previous years, the feel of event was more technocratic this year as students demonstrated their projects in a complete virtual set up. The theme for this year’s programme was Intelligence 'Spawning' on Devices, and students presented projects on multimedia, vision, IOT, agriculture and medicine. 

The awards were presented by Dr. Aloknath De, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Samsung R&D Institute – Bengaluru (SRI-B). Prizes worth INR 2.3 lakhs were awarded to the top three winners, while other finalists received certificate of merit from Samsung.

The jury panel for the award function included Prof. Tarachand Amgoth, Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Prof. Ajit Kumar, Department of Mining Machinery Engineering from IIT (ISM). The opening speech at the inauguration was addressed by Prof. Dheeraj Kumar, Dean (International Relations and Alumni Affairs) at IIT (ISM) while Prof. Pankaj Mishra, Associate Dean (Innovation) at IIT (ISM) ensured a smooth conduct of the event.

The first prize went to Ayush Somani, Gaurav Kumar and Gyanendra Das for their project ‘Invo-AI’, an innovative E-invoicing solution. The second Prize was grabbed by Sai Bhargav Reddy Vootkuru, Kotapati Siddarth Choudary and Rahul Kedia for their project, ‘Biomass LogicS’, while the project ‘Try First’ by Ankita Jaiswal, Somya Jain and Prakrit Raj won the third place. Merit were also given to seven other teams who had made it to the final round.

“Year-after-year, we have been delighted to see young bright minds come up with innovative, futuristic ideas. What impresses us is how they infuse novelty, apply deep tech and build prototypes. In this tenth edition of Samsung Innovation Award, the students of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad have demonstrated the same spirit on the theme ‘Intelligence ‘Spawning’ on Devices’,” said Dr. Aloknath De, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Samsung R&D Institute – Bengaluru (SRI B).

“IIT (ISM) Dhanbad takes pleasure in hosting the 10th edition of Samsung Innovation Award. The Samsung Innovation Award 2020 will further tap the hidden potential of budding innovative IITtians in the areas of AI, Digital Health, IoT, Autonomous Vehicle, Security among others,” said Dheeraj Kumar, Dean (International Relations and Alumni Affairs), IIT (ISM).

Over the years, the programme saw Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) collaborating with student bodies across several units of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), including IIT Delhi, Roorkee, Kanpur, Indore and Mumbai, helping them discover their passion, and playing a significant role in influencing their professional journeys and choices. Initiated and conceptualized in 2011, Samsung Innovation Award aim to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students. The Award aim to support talent who showcase an inventive approach and develop products, solutions that solve real time problems of the society.

SRI-B has also launched a unique industry- academia program this year- Samsung PRISM (Preparing and Inspiring Student Minds) to stimulate the Indian innovation ecosystem with advance development and build capabilities amongst students to meet industry needs.