Manoj Sinha: Constitutional rights will be used for the betterment of public

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="700"]manoj sinha became lg of jammu and kashmir manoj sinha (file photo)[/caption]

Manoj Sinha took over as the new lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday. After swearing, he said that no one will be discriminated against. Constitutional rights will be used for the good of the public. I assure that the genuine complaints of the people will be heard and their resolution will be tried. In Jammu and Kashmir, the goal will be to carry forward the development works.

Sinha said that Kashmir is the paradise of India, I have been given the opportunity to work here. August 5 is an important date, because Jammu and Kashmir returned to the mainstream on this day after being isolated for many years. Many projects started here, now it is my responsibility to take them forward.