5 years break from each other for Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, revealed on The Kapil Sharma Show

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Salim Sulaiman in The Kapil Sharma Show[/caption]

Audience of The Kapil Sharma Show will be in for an amusing & musical treat in this weekend’s Independence Day special episode where the ace singers, music directors and finest producers of the nation; Salim and Sulaiman Merchant will join Kapil Sharma as guests on the show. Amidst sharing some unknown facts about their career with Kapil, Salim and Sulaiman will be seen having a merry time with the host. During the show, the duo will talk about their voyage in the music industry at length.

Kapil was keen to know from the brothers, secret behind maintaining such a strong bond since decades and whether they ever got into a serious fight or not… to which Salim replied, “Yes, we fought in our childhood due to a very silly reason, I tore one of Sulaiman’s books and in return he broke my hand, due to which we didn’t speak to each other for like 5 years. Having said that, since then, we are together.”

Further in the show, Kapil also enquired about Salim’s take on becoming an actor as he is quote good looking… to which Salim sarcastically replied, “I didn’t do acting because I had seen the work of other music directors, singer who turned into actors which made me take the decision of sticking to my profession only.” He laughed.

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