US President Trump signed Hong Kong autonomy law

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US President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Law, and also ended the US-approved preference by signing an executive order.

Trump told a press conference at the White House "I signed a law and an executive order today to hold China accountable for the blatant acts against the people of Hong Kong," He said the Hong Kong Autonomy Law passed unanimously in Congress. This law empowers the US administration to take action against those who have abolished Hong Kong independence.

The President said, 'We all saw what happened, the situation is not good. Their freedom was taken away, their rights taken away and I think Hong Kong will never be able to compete in free markets with all of this.

I think many people will leave Hong Kong and our business will also increase as we lose an opponent. He said, 'Hong Kong will also be treated the same way as China, no privileges, no special funding and no export of sensitive technologies.

Apart from this, you know that we are levying a lot of fees and also levying a lot of charges on China. This is the first time with China that it has given billions of dollars to the US and I have given some part of that amount to the farmers and livestock of the country because they were being targeted. This has been going on for three years.