The real Ayodhya is in Nepal not in India and Lord Ram is Nepali not Indian: Nepal PM

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="360"] File Photo: Nepal PM KP sharma oli[/caption]

Nepal Prime Minister KP sharma Oli is constantly trying to save his chair, he is making a lot of statements against India to make the people of nepal emotional that can be a factor to save his chair.

KP sharma Oli, who is running on the instigation of China, is sometimes telling the Indian territory in a new map to get the sympathy of the public and sometimes he is blaming people coming from India for spreading the corona virus in Nepal.

Meanwhile, Nepal's Prime Minister KP sharma Oli, who is trying to save his chair by making provocative statements against India, has given a strange statement.

Oli said that Lord Rama is Nepali and not an Indian. Nepal's media has quoted KP Oli, in which he said- "The real Ayodhya is in Nepal and not in India. Lord Ram is Nepali and not Indian".