The Army and Defense Ministry termed the leh hospital controversy as baseless: termed the criticisms as malicious

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On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited and met the soldiers also encouraged them. He also visited the hospital in Leh and got to know about the condition of soldiers admitted there. The Ministry of Defense and the Army have issued different explanations regarding the disputes which started with the picture taken in the hospital. The Defense Ministry has termed the entire controversy as baseless and termed the criticisms as malicious.

The Defense Ministry said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being accused of malicious and baseless allegations by some people for the Leh General Hospital visit on July 3. It has to be clarified here that where the Prime Minister visited is a part of the hospital. It is extremely unfortunate that there is doubt about how the armed forces are treated. Armed forces provide the best treatment to their personnels. The place where the Prime Minister visited is part of the General Hospital. In view of the Corona crisis 100 beds were managed there.

The Defense Ministry said that these brave soldiers were kept here after returning from Galwan Valley to keep them free from Corona infection. The Army Hospital in Leh has a 300-bed facility.

In fact, when pictures of Prime Minister Modi's hospital visit appeared on social media, people questioned the place where the Prime Minister visited was a hospital or something else. Many claimed that the Prime Minister expressed a desire to meet the soldiers who were injured during the skirmish in Galwan Valley, so a conference room was converted into a ward. People had tweeted that this medical center does not look like a hospital because it does not have medical equipment and facilities.

The Army has also issued a statement regarding these allegations. The Army said in its statement, 'It is unfortunate that attacks are being made about treatment facilities of our brave armed forces. The armed force provides their best facility to its forces. ' The army said, "Yesterday people have made malicious and baseless allegations about the condition of the medical center of General Hospital in Leh, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited on 3 July.

Army said that this 100-bed center is part of 'capacity expansion in times of Corona crisis' and is part of the General Hospital campus." The army said that under the Covid-19 protocol, some wards of the hospital have been converted into quarantine centers. This room was used as a 'training audio-visual auditorium'. Ever since the hospital has been marked for treatment of Covid-19 patients, it has been converted into a ward.