Student killed for ransom of one crore in Gorakhpur

Balram, a student studying in class five, was killed by kidnappers in Gorakhpur, UP for a ransom of one crore rupees. On the basis of suspicion of two youths picked up on suspicion, police recovered the body of Balram, the son of a grocery businessman, from a sack on the edge of the forest on Monday evening.

After the abduction, three phone calls were received to the housemates of Balaram at different times on Sunday. The callers asked for a ransom of one crore rupees. At first the people of the house deemed it a mischief but till late evening nothing was found of the child, then they informed the police.

Mahajan Gupta, a resident of Mishraulia Tola of Jungle Chhatradhari located in Pipraich police station area of Gorakhpur, runs a grocery shop at home and is involved in the business of land.

His son Balaram, who was studying in class five, left at 12 noon on Sunday afternoon to go home. After this he was killed. Balaram's family received three phone calls at different times on Sunday. The callers asked for a ransom of Rs 1 crore.

At first, Mahajan considered it a mischief, but until late evening nothing was known of the child, then he informed the police. The information about kidnapping of the boy and asking for ransom of one crore rupees the police. SSP engaged STF and Crime Branch in this case.

Along with STF and Crime Branch, the police of Pipraich police station came into action. Police teams detained a rooster businessman, a shopkeeper selling mobile SIMs and a property dealer from Jungle Dhusad area on suspicion.

The police began to strictly interrogate him. At 9 pm on Sunday night, another call from the kidnappers was received at Balaram's house. Then the kidnappers had said that if they get anything, they will free the child. Mahajan Gupta agreed to give a ransom of up to Rs 20 lakh.

Here, the police strictly interrogated the detained people, then on Monday afternoon, two of them broke up and told that the child had been murdered. On his spot, the police recovered the dead body thrown in a sack on the side of a drain in Jungle Tinconia. Dr. Sunil Gupta, SSP said that the kidnappers killed the child. Two kidnappers have been caught, the child's corpse has been recovered under their guise.

Other kidnappers are being searched. All are local. In the initial investigation, the reason for the kidnapping of the child is understandable, but other aspects are also being investigated. It is also trying to know why they killed the child if they wanted money. Only after the other accused are caught will the true cause be revealed.