Eight Lakh Indians workers may have to return from Kuwait: Report

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2200"] Indian Ambassador Ajay Malhotra and Sheikh Khalid Al-Hamed-Al-Sabah(file photo) 2009[/caption]

A bill has been drafted in the parliament of kuwait to reduce the number of workers from foreign nationals. If the parliamentary committee approves the draft bill to cut the number of foreign workers in Kuwait, then about eight lakh Indians may have to leave the Gulf country. According to media reports, the Law and Legislature Committee of the National Assembly has already declared this bill constitutional to determine the quota of foreigners on the basis of countries.

According to the bill, the number of Indians in the total population of Kuwait should not exceed 15 percent. Gulf News quoted the Kuwaiti newspaper as saying that if this law is approved, around eight lakh Indians may have to leave Kuwait as 14.5 lakh Indians constitute the largest number of foreign nationals residing in Kuwait.

The current population of Kuwait is 4.3 million, of which the number of Kuwaiti citizens is around 1.3 million while the population of foreigners is 3 million. The fall in oil prices and the Corona epidemic has led the contrary of foreign workers, the legislature and government officials have been demanding to reduce foreign workers from Kuwait. According to the news, last month, Kuwait Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah proposed to reduce the share of foreigners in the total population from 70 percent to 30 percent.

National Assembly Speaker Marjuk Al Ganam told Kuwait TV that a detailed draft of the bill to step down the number of foreign workers from Kuwait. The Kuwait Times quoted him as saying that the real problem of Kuwait is the population structure where 70 percent of the population belongs to foreign workers.

Even more serious is that out of 33.5 lakh foreigners,13 lakh are either illiterate or can barely read and write. Ganam said, 'I think we can recruit doctors and skilled workers and not unskilled laborers. This is a sign of distortion and the visa traders have contributed to the increase in this number. 'The assembly chairman said that his effort in the draft law is to fix the maximum number of foreign workers. Their number will be reduced in a phased manner like 70 percent this year, 65 percent next year and so on in the coming years.

According to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, around 28,000 Indians work as nurses, engineers in national oil companies and some scientists in the Kuwaiti government. According to the embassy, most Indians (around 5.23 lakh) work in the private sector. Apart from these 1.6 lakh people are dependent of Indians working there, out of which 60,000 are Indian students who study in 23 Indian schools in Kuwait. Kuwait is the largest center of funds sent by Indians to the country. In 2018, people living in Kuwait sent nearly $ 4.8 billion to India. Most of Corona's patients in Kuwait are foreign workers who live in crowded homes. According to John Hpokins University, about 49,000 people have been infected with the Corona virus so far in Kuwait.