CBSE removed Secularism and Nationalism from the course

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has removed many chapters from the syllabus for students from class IX to XII. CBSE on Tuesday announced a thirty per cent reduction in school syllabus to reduce the burden of syllabus on students from the academic session 2020-21. Following the reduction of the syllabus, several chapters like secularism and nationalism have now been removed from the syllabus for the current academic year. The board has removed chapters like democratic rights, food security, federalism, citizenship and absolutism from the school curriculum.

The Chapters like federal structure, state government, citizenship, nationalism and secularism have been removed from the syllabus of class XI students for the current one year. This deduction will be limited to the current academic year. In view of the situation arising due to the corona virus, reducing the syllabus burden of the students, now the changing nature of Indian economy, subjects like NITI Aayog, GST will not be taught in class XII.

The Chapters Like 'Safety in the Contemporary World', 'Environment and Natural Resources', 'Social and New Social Movements in India' and the Regional Heritage have been completely removed from the Class XII political science curriculum. A chapter with ties to foreign countries has also been removed. The Political Rights and Structuring Chapter of the Indian Constitution has also been removed from the syllabus of political science in class IX. CBSE has removed the challenge chapters for democracy and diversity, 'caste, religion and gender and democracy' from the tenth grade syllabus.