Young man beaten to death by tying him outside dargah on suspicion of theft

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| The caretaker of a Nizamuddin-based dargah is accused of beating a young man with an iron rod on Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of mobile theft.

At the time of the incident, Gautam went to drink water in a dargah near DDA Park. The caretaker of this dargah runs a battery charge shop near Mahtab Dargah. His mobile was stolen. During this, Gautam came out of the dargah after drinking water, and Mehtab felt that Gautam had stolen his phone.

So he caught Gautam and tied him to an e-rickshaw. The accused started beating Gautam with an iron and plastic rod and kept beating him until he succumbed. After his death, the accused escaped leaving the dead body on the spot.

After receiving information about the incident, Hazrat Nizamuddin Police Station has placed the body in the hospital for postmortem.

After preliminary investigation, the police arrested 41-year-old Mahtab. South Eastern District Deputy Commissioner of Police RP Meena said that Gautam lived in Pitampura C block with his family and on Tuesday he went to Nizamuddin area for his personal work.