WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces new charges in America

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In US,WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged with new charges of recruiting hackers and conspiring with members of the hacking organization at conferences held in Europe and Asia.

The new accusation announced against Assange on Wednesday said that he recruited hackers at conferences held in Europe and Asia to provide secret information to their website.

The US Justice Ministry has made fresh allegations against Assange, prosecutors say the new charges underlined Assange's efforts to buy and release secret information.

Apart from recruiting hackers at conferences, Assange has been accused of conspiring with members of 'luljasek' and 'Anonymous' hacking groups. Prosecutors said Assange also worked with a 17-year-old hacker who gave him stolen information from the bank and Assange instructed the teenager to steal additional material, including audio recordings of high-ranking government officials.

Assange's lawyer Barry Pollak said in a statement, "The government's accusations against Julian Assange is a big threat to the right to information of journalists and people everywhere." Assange was arrested last year after he was expelled from the Embassy of London-based Ecuador.