Upto 10 years of imprisonment for vandalising national monuments: Trump

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US President Donald Trump has signed a government order aimed at prosecuting those who have damaged national monuments and made it a punishable offense. It can carry up to 10 years of imprisonment. The order has been brought in the wake of protesters damaged historic sites, monuments and statues in the country in violence that erupted after the brutal murder of African-American George Floyd in police custody.

The president blamed the radical leftists for the violence. "My administration cannot allow the violent mob provoked by radical elements to become the determinants of those aspects of history that are exempted from public space," Trump said on Friday in a strict accentuated government order.

For the past five weeks, There has been constant attack on the lives and property of civilians, law enforcement officials, government properties and revered American monuments such as the Licoln Memorial, Trump said. He said, "Many rioters, arsonists and extreme leftists who have done or supported these actions have associated themselves with ideologies such as Marxism that call for the destruction of the American system."

The order directs the federal government to prosecute any person or entity that damages any religious property. The order calls for the state and local governments to fail to protect monuments and statues from being damaged and to withhold some federal aid.

The law provides for imprisonment of up to 10 years if found guilty of willful damage to federal property. Also, the government order also directs that those who are involved in inciting violence and indulging in illegal activity will face maximum prosecution under the law. Failure to preserve monuments and statues will prevent federal support for state and local law enforcement agencies.

According to the order, the Attorney General will take appropriate action against the individuals and organizations found involved in the riots and illegal acts related to the destruction of federal property.