Trump’s second election rally canceled due to lack of crowd

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The second election rally of US President Donald Trump has been canceled. Trump's campaign chief Tim Muertog said on Saturday that the second rally in Tulsa was canceled because of fewer people attending the Oklahoma rally. Although Trump's supporters are excited, people are not coming because of the media and blacks' performance.

Trump's first rally took place in Oklahoma on Saturday. Due to the Coronavirus, some people had applied to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma to stop the rally. However, it was rejected by the court.

Before the first rally, Murtaug said on Friday that many people would arrive at the Oklahoma rally. He claimed that Oklahoma's BOK Center Stadium would be smaller. It has a seating arrangement of 19 thousand people, but more than 10 lakh people had demanded tickets for us. However, this did not happen. According to the media, thousands of people had names in the register made for entering the rally, but fewer people were seen inside the stadium.

Trump's second rally was scheduled to take place at Tulsa's stadium. The stadium had also been booked for this. Vice President Mike Pence was also scheduled to address the public at the rally.

Elections are to be held in the US in November. Several recent opinion polls show Trump's diminishing popularity. Trump is currently facing several political protests. According to his advisers, the impact of demonstrations is being seen at rallies nationwide against Trump's policies to deal with coronoviruses first and now racial discrimination.