Overtaking Italy for 6th Spot, India Crosses 2.35 Lakh Covid-19 Cases

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The  number of corona virus cases in India rose to 2.35 Lakh on Friday, taking the country to the sixth spot worldwide above Italy while the number of deaths crossed 6,600 data showed by the state governments and America's John Hopkins University.

Figures from the Baltimore- based Johns Hopkins University showed around midnight that India had 235,769 Covid-19 cases and Italy 236,184. With 6,614 deaths, India has now ranked the 12th worst-hit country.

According to the Union Health Ministry dashboard shows the number of Covid-19 Cases in India has risen to 226770 and the deaths toll is at 6,348. Though the count recoveries has risen to over 1.12 Lakh, India still has more than 1 lakh active cases across the country. The cases have been rising sharply, by 8000 or more, for several days now.

The tally showed that atleast 19 states now have their tallies of confirmed cases in four or more digits as against just nice on May 1. Also, three states now have five-digit tallies, as against only maharashtra in that category on May 1.

While Delhi and Gujarat already having their tallies going into five digits, at least three other states- Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh - having total confirmed cases of more than 9,000.

As Maharashtra tops the charts in terms of total confirmed cases, active cases, recoveries and deaths. Delhi is at its second place in terms of active cases, though it is third after Tamil Nadu in terms of total cases. Gujarat is ranked second for fatalities, followed by Delhi at the third place.

A record increase was recorded by West Bengal too where 427 new cases took the tally to 7,303. Karnataka registered 500 new Covid-19 cases with total number of infections in the state to 4,835. Tamil Nadu recorded 1,438 new cases and 12 deaths on Friday, taking its cases count to 28,694.

The central and state governments are working in the process of pairing down restrictions in place since March 25 as part of a nationwide lockdown.