Number of infected in world crosses 1 crore, can increase ten times higher

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World | Corona virus infection in the disease is increasing rapidly and the number of people affected by it has exceeded one crore whereas the death toll from this epidemic has reached close to 5 lakh. According to John Hopkins University, the number of infecteds had reached 1,00,12,244 and the number of deaths reached 4,99,342. The rate of infection has doubled since May 21 and a million new cases have been reported in six days.

According to John Hopkins University, Europe is most affected by the infection and is followed by North America. However, among the countries, more than 2.5 million people in America are infected with the corona virus and so far more than 1.25 lakh people have lost their lives due to this disease.

Experts say that the number of infected people in the world may be ten times higher than the number recorded so far as most countries are investigating only those with symptoms or serious ones. Investigations of infected people without symptoms are rare in the world. Most countries of the world do not have adequate facilities to check for corona virus infection. This is also confirmed by the US Disease Control and Prevention centre.