More than 94 lakh infected with corona in the world, around 5 lakh died

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Governments and industries have taken precautionary measures as cases of corona virus increase alarmingly worldwide. More than 94 lakh,30 thousand people worldwide are infected with the corona virus and about 500,000 have died.

According to US-based Johns Hopkins University, 34,700 cases of Covid-19 were reported in the US on Tuesday. WHO's emergency chief, Dr. Michael Ryan, said that when the country reaches the peak of the transition, that will depend on what people do.

In Indonesia, infection cases are expected to cross 50,000 on Thursday. Health workers in Melbourne are planning to go door-to-door to examine over 100,000 residents in the hotspot, the area most affected by Corona.

Some governments are considering taking more aggressive steps to prevent the spread of infection. However, in some other places such precautionary measures are being eliminated. The nighttime curfew in Dubai has been lifted for months.

The city government media tweeted, as long as people wear masks and obey the rules of social distance, day and night movement will be uninterrupted. European countries appear to be preparing to reopen the shared borders from July 1, and their EU representatives discussed setting criteria for the removal of restrictions on tourists from outside Europe.