Micheál Martin elected as new Prime minister of Ireland

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Fianna Fáil Party leader Micheál Martin elected as the new Prime Minister of Ireland at a special meeting of the lower house of the Parliament of Ireland in a vote held here on Saturday.

The Speaker of the lower house of the Irish Parliament, Sean O'Feargell, announced the results of the vote, saying that Micheál Martin had 93 votes in favor, while 63 votes were cast against him. The current lower house of the Irish Parliament has a total of 160 seats. According to reports, all 84 Fianna Fáil MPs, a joint coalition of Fine Gael and the Green Party, voted for Mr Micheál Martin's nomination as the new Prime Minister, while nine independents also voted for his nomination.

Mr. Micheál Martin made a brief speech following his victory in the 2,000-seat auditorium of the Convention Center in Dublin, following the social distance rules of the Covid-19 epidemic. He said in his speech that at present, no part of the country is untouched by the Covid-19 epidemic and in such a situation, the most important task for the government will be to work on measures to avoid the epidemic.

He said that the three parties involved in the alliance come from very different traditions and it is not necessary that they agree on each other. The cabinet of the new government consists of 15 cabinet members, besides three ministers and an Attorney General. Of the cabinet members, six from Fianna Fáil, three from Fine Gael and three from the Green Party are included.