iphone shortcut “pulled over by police” trends on social media

Iphone shortcut "pulled over by police" is trending on social media, The shortcut to record the whole incident and conversation when caught by police.

Its a normal feature of ios but at this time when George Floyd is killed by a policeman in USA,protests are going on in different cities of USA as well as other countries, this feature of iphone is trending as forest fire, Around 250k people tweets about this on twitter.

Steps to enable Pulled over by police shortcut:-

  1. Open shortcut App in iphone

  2. Tap on create shortcut + button

  3. Add action

  4. Search for Record Audio

  5. Add Record Audio, the click next

  6. Name the shortcut "Pulled over by police"

Next time when you call "hey siri, pulled over by police" Iphone will start recording the whole conversation until the user will switch it off by tapping on the screen.

This feature work flawlessly on locked iphone, the whole steps and features are tested by our team.