India Slams Pak for raising Kashmir at UNHRC

India on Monday slammed Pakistan for raising the Kashmir issue at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, Switzerland and expressed "serious concern" over Pakistan' rampant use to blasphemy laws to terrorise minorities living there.

After Pakistan raised the Kashmir issues at the 43rd session of UNHRC, India exercised its Right of Reply with Mr. Senthil Kumar, the First Secretary of India's Permanent Mission attacking Pakistan for misusing the right forum and its mechanism.

He stated that enforced disappearance, extrajudicial killings, army operations, torture camps are common occurrences in Balochistan.

Senthil Kumar said, "Its unfortunate that Pakistan continues to maintain its track record of misuse of the Human Right Council and its mechanism. It's a matter of serious concern that Pakistan being the only country in South Asia of effecting a state-sponsored genocide would have the audacity to accuse others of it."

"It's questionable that a country of serious credibility issues would talk about human rights and self-determination. This country emerged out of religious fundamentalism and bloodshed and its history rigged with assassinations, coups and puppets running," he added.

In his scathing response, he went on to say that Pakistan has been terrorising minorities living there bt systematic misuse of blasphemy.

Kumar also pointed out that there was no information on the fate of 47,000 Baloch persons and 35,000 Pashtuns who have been missing till date. He added that sectarian violence has claimed over 500 Hazaras in Baluchistan and more than 100,000 Hazaras have fled Pakistan.

Speaking about the Kashmir issue, he asserted that revoking Article 370 from the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir has had no external ramifications on the country. Moreover, people of Kashmir have marched ahead despite Pakistan's nefarious attempts to destroy peace and prosperity in the Valley, he added.