India holds naval exercise with japan in Indian Ocean

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Naval operations in the Indian Ocean were carried out on Saturday by Indian and Japanese navies amid tensions with China. The announcement was made on Sunday by the navies of both countries. The Japanese Marine Self-Defense Force termed the maneuvers as fostering mutual understanding, in which 2–2 warships from both countries took part. Although the naval exercise between India and Japan is now rutin but the time it has been done will be seen to be linked to the tension between India and China in Ladakh.

Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan, director general of the National Maritime Foundation, said, "We are doing maneuvers for strategic communication." The Marines are not there for the purpose of war but it has a message. The Vice Admiral said, "We need to get closer with our friends and China knows that it has a direct conflict with Japan and America."

Indian naval ships INS Rana and INS Kulish and Japanese Navy's JS Kashima and JS Shamayuki participated. The Ambassador of Japan in New Delhi said that this is the 15th exercise in the last 3 years. The embassy spokesman said the objective of the exercise is strategic and communication training.

The Japanese Navy has become one of the major partners of the Indian Navy. While the Indian Marines take part in bilateral exercises with their Japanese counterparts on the one hand, the Navy of both countries along with the United States also takes part in the joint Malabar exercise.