Gujarat: 3 Congress MLAs resigns before Rajya Sabha elections, 8 MLAs resigned in 3 months

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"]Congress leader Brijesh Meraj Congress leader Brijesh Meraj[/caption]

Elections for 4 seats of Rajya Sabha in Gujarat are going to be held on June 19. In a major setback to the main opposition party Congress, so far 8 of its MLAs have resigned from the membership of the assembly.

Earlier on March, 5 Congress MLAs Praveen Maru, Mangal Gavit, Somabhai Patel, JV Kakadia and Pradyuman Jadeja resigned. On 4 june, two MLAs Akshay Patel and Jeetu Chaudhary resigned. On 5 june, another MLA Brijesh Merja resigned. When the rebellion started in the Congress for the first time in March, the party kept the rest of the MLAs at a resort in Rajasthan. At the same time, political drama was going on in Madhya Pradesh as well and with the separation of Jyotiraditya Scindia faction,the Kamal Nath government fell.

Leaders will be elected from the state to Rajya Sabha on 4 seats. Three BJP candidates and two Congress candidates have filed papers for these. In terms of political calculations so far, BJP could win only two seats. After the resignation of 8 Congress MLAs, now BJP is getting heavy on the third seat.

Assembly Speaker Rajendra Trivedi said on Thursday that Congress MLA Akshay Patel of Karjan seat and Jeetu Chaudhary of Kaprada appeared in front of him on Wednesday evening and submitted their resignations. Their resignations have been approved.

Rajya Sabha Political calculation :-

In the 182-member state assembly, 103 BJP MLAs and 66 Congress MLAs were elected.

9 seats are vacant. Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) has 2 MLAs and 1 NCP. These three MLAs had support of Congress. So far, the Congress had a total of 69 MLAs.

37 votes is required to win a seat in Rajya Sabha. In such a situation, the Congress was hoping to win 2 seats easily. But from March, Five Congress MLAs resigned. Now three more MLAs have left the party. In this way, Congress now has 61 MLAs. In these too, the attitude of NCP and BTP MLAs has started changing.