First time in the national capital, the price of diesel has exceeded petrol

Diesel exceeds petrol price
For the first time in the national capital Delhi, the price of diesel has exceeded petrol. After the 18th day consecutive increase in prices on Wednesday, now the prices of diesel and petrol have become almost equal.

According to the notification regarding the price of government petroleum marketing companies, petrol prices have not been increased on Wednesday after 17 consecutive days of increase. At the same time, diesel prices have been increased by 48 paisa per liter across the country. Diesel price in Delhi now 79.88 per liter. The price of petrol is Rs 79.76 per liter.

Due to Value Added Tax (VAT), vehicle fuel prices are different in different states. In Delhi , the price of diesel is more than petrol. The state government last month raised a major increase in sales tax or VAT on it.

Petrol in Mumbai is Rs 86.54 per liter. Diesel is Rs 78.22 per liter. Petrol in Chennai is Rs 83.04 per liter and diesel is Rs 77.17 per liter. Petrol in Kolkata is Rs 81.45 per liter and diesel is Rs 75.06 per liter. Petrol in Bangalore costs Rs 82.35 and diesel Rs 75.96 per liter. Petrol in Hyderabad is Rs 82.79 per liter and diesel is Rs 78.06 per liter.

In general, the price of diesel is lower than petrol by Rs 18 to 20 per liter. But in recent years, this gap has been narrowing due to increase in taxes on diesel. On May 5, the Delhi government increased VAT on diesel from 16.75 per cent to 30 per cent. Similarly, the tax rate on petrol was raised from 27 to 30 percent. Since this fee is chargeable, the actual impact is increased by the increase in prices by petroleum companies every time.

Since June 7, petroleum marketing companies have increased diesel prices for 18 consecutive days till Wednesday. Similarly, the price of petrol has been increased for 17 consecutive days. Earlier, there was no increase in prices till 82 days. Diesel prices have increased by Rs 10.49 per liter in 18 days. At the same time, petrol has become expensive by Rs 8.5 per liter in 17 days.