Facebook removes Trump’s advertisement for using Nazi symbol

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Trump used nazi symbol Image: Associated Press[/caption]

The social media company Facebook has removed publicity advertisements by US President Donald Trump and the country's Vice President Mike Pence in which the inverted triangle was used.

The sign was used by the Nazis for political prisoners, communists and others locked in detention centers. Confirming the removal of the advertisement before the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, the company's security policy chief Nathaniel Glicher said that Facebook does not allow any signs of hate-related ideology to be shown unless it not to be used with reference or for slander.

Glycher said that when the symbol is not used for either of these two purposes, we do not allow it to be shown on the Facebook platform and removed. We did the same in this case and we will take similar steps wherever this symbol is used.

The advertisement was released on Wednesday. Trump's publicity campaign liaison director Tim Murtow said that this red colored triangle was used by 'Antifa', so it was used.

He said that this sign was not included in the list of signs that spread hatred in the 'End-Definition League'. The term antifa is used for those with extreme left-wing thinking, who are not tied to any organizational structure but to ideology.

Trump had blamed Antifa for the violence that erupted in recent protests in the US, but federal law enforcement officials have little evidence in this regard. However, the Anti Defamation League disputed that this signal is used by Antifa.

The organization said that this triangle is not in their database because they contain only the signals used by modern extremists and white supremacists in this list. And this triangle is an old historical sign. ADL chief executive Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement that using this symbol to attack opponents is disgusting and worrying. The sign was used exclusively for political prisoners in Nazi rule or those kept in concentration camps.