Delhi government reserved 20% beds for corona patients in private hospitals

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Delhi government has reserved 20 percent beds for corona patients in private hospitals. On Thursday, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia told in a press conference that this arrangement has been done in 61 hospitals in Delhi. This will have the advantage that private hospitals will no longer refuse to admit a patient of corona infection. Like other patients in these hospitals, corona infection patients will also be treated.

He said that the hospitals which would have difficulty in reserving 20 per cent beds for corona infection, that would be declared as corona special hospitals. For this, hospitals have been given time till Friday.

Corona cases are increasing, so the number of Corona hospitals is being increased. Five government and three private hospitals have been made Corona Safe Hospital. Manish Sisodia said that many hospitals have accepted it. Some hospitals have expressed inability to mix systems. Moolchand, Gangaram and Saroj Hospitals have been made Corona Hospitals.

The purpose of this policy is that patients should get treatment even if they have symptoms of corona. Sisodia said that asymptomatic patients do not have to be hospitalized in fear. Their treatment is possible at home under the supervision of the medical team. Only serious patients need to be admitted to hospitals.

Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that there are three types of corona cases, asymptomatic, moderate and severe asymptomatic patients. Those with mild symptoms have symptoms such as fever and cough. In-home treatment of asymptomatic patients is possible. Many thousands of people are still recovering from treatment at home. People with moderate symptoms or severe symptoms are required to be admitted to the hospital.