CBSE given an option to not appear in the exam for Specially-abled, who takes exam with the help of assistant

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has given the option of not appearing in the examination to the specially-abled students of class X, XII who takes the exam with the help of an assistant, saying that their results will be declared according to the alternative evaluation scheme. The board says that if these children come to take exam with an assistant, then the social distance rules for dealing with the corona virus will not be followed.

The board examinations canceled due to the nationwide lockdown to deal with Corona will now be held from July 1 to 15. A senior board official said that if a disabled student who takes the exam with the help of an assistant does not want to appear in the upcoming examinations, then he / she should inform their respective schools about it. Their results will be declared by the board according to the alternative evaluation plan.

Under the 2016 Act on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Board makes several concessions to the students during the examination. The official said that apart from bringing extra time, assistants or readers, computers or laptops (without internet), from this year we have allowed calculators to students registered under CWSN category.

There are 6,844 students in class X and 3,718 in class XII this year under the Special Needs Children (CWSN) category, including visually impaired, dyslexics, muscular dystrophy, spastic, locomotive and others. Twelfth examinations will be held all over the country, but class X exams are to be held in North East Delhi only. CBSE has also decided not to conduct the pending examinations.