BJP will organize two virtual rallies in Bihar

Bihar BJP will hold two virtual rallies. The first rally will be held on 9 June. Home Minister Amit Shah and national president of BJP, JP Nadda will address the rally.Bihar BJP President Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal given this information during press conference held in Patna on Monday. The general assembly elections in Bihar will begin for 243 seats. The term of the present elected Legislative Assembly will expire in December this year. Two months before this, the election related process has to start.

Preparations will be started as soon as the Election Commission's guidelines for the general elections of Bihar Legislative Assembly are received. The general election in Bihar is proposed to be held in October-November. Normal life and government functions were also affected due to the Corona crisis and the nationwide lock-down. Meanwhile, administrative and other election related work was also affected in the Bihar. However, after Monday, the expectation of normalcy regarding government work has increased. Officers and employees have also been prepared for this.

On Monday, the procedures started in election department of Bihar. Media reports said that normal functioning has started in the office of the National Election Commission as well. Previously, due to the corona, other work was pending except routine, now all those works will start. In the Commission's office too, a round of meetings will begin regarding the Bihar elections. Media reports also stated that "according to the instructions given by the Commission, action will also be started in Bihar."