Aerial lightning fell on ammo laid in stone quarry: Many people are feared dead

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="750"] Courtesy: Michał Mancewicz[/caption]

The skyrocketing lightning on the ammunition laid on the stone quarry of Pahara village in Kabrai area in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh blew up many workers. The bodies of three workers were taken out in a rescue operation conducted in a hurry. Many workers are feared to be buried among the big stones, the rescue operation is on to remove them.

According to the regional people, more than a dozen workers were working at the mine since morning, ammo had been laid at the mine to break the stone. Everyone is alerted before the explosion and workers move away from there, but before that, a strong light rain fell on the gunpowder and exploded. Due to the sudden explosion, many laborers working there fell into his grip and flew away.

These workers were buried under big stones. As soon as the news spread, the police and administrative officers reached the spot and started a rescue operation. About an hour later three bodies were taken out, many injured workers were sent to the district hospital. Even after this, the fear of many more workers being buried under the stones is being expressed, due to which the work of removing the stones is going on.