Rajasthan Government to take 11 self-funded engineering colleges under control

The government of rajasthan will take control the self funded engineering colleges of the state. Till now, the concerns of technical education department about these colleges, which decide their own expenses and budget, have increased for a long time. Due to decreasing admissions in engineering and lack of funds, the budget is not enough to develop the facilities and resources of students in these colleges.

Therefore, the state government is now planning to take these colleges directly under its control and to overcome their problems. Technical Education Department has prepared its proposal. If the cabinet approves this proposal of the department in the coming days, then these colleges will be freed from SFS mode.

Technical Education Minister Dr. Subhash Garg said that the colleges running on self-funded mode do not get any help from the state government. Due to this the fees of these technical institutes are also very expensive compared to the common university colleges. These colleges have to bear the entire expenses only from the fees of the students. Also, the salary of the employees has to be paid by itself. Due to this, complaints of salary discrepancies of teachers and staff were being received in the department for a long time. After this, the department has now decided that if CM's approval is received, soon these colleges will also be subjected to the state government so that they too can provide government help like ordinary government colleges.

The technical institutions in the country are governed by the rules of AICTE. But AICTE has never made any explicit reference to SFS mode. Whereas the SFS scheme which flourished in the previous governments can also be called 'Kamo Khao Scheme' to some extent. The government can now prepare to stop this. These colleges can either be made into constituent colleges or they can be made under the government. There are 11 such colleges in different districts of the state. By bringing these colleges under the government, salary allowances will also be ensured to all their employees.