People all around the world should pursue paleontology: Chennai based Young Genius Aswatha Biju

We are all interested in knowing the evolutionary history of life, almost all the way back to when planet Earth became capable of supporting life. We learn about these theories and their existence in depth through the study of fossils, popularly known as paleontology. Amongst us is such a child prodigy – 13-year-old Aswatha Biju from Chennai, who will be soon seen in the celebrated show Young Genius, for her impeccable knowledge in Paleontology. 

Aswatha Biju has collected nearly 120 specimen of fossils. Paleontologists are people who do research in fossils and collects these specimen to study earth’s history. Aswatha's passion and work in the field of paleontology is astonishing and her story of success will inspire many professionals and young aspiring paleontologists across the country. Her first recognition was given by Women’s organization named FICCI FLO. Well known anchor and host of the show Anand Narasimhan will be seen engaging in a riveting chat with the Young Genius in the second episode of the show. 

Aswatha Biju shares her excitement and comments on the significance of being part of the prestigious show, "It is important that each and every one of us learns about history because we are what we come from. At age 11, I started conducting seminars through which people started becoming familiar about paleontology and till now I have educated nearly 6,700 students. People all around the world should also pursue paleontology in a passionate form rather than as a hobby."