Bihar election: Nirmala Sitharaman will release BJP manifesto today

All the political parties are releasing their manifesto one by one for the Bihar assembly elections 2020. In this sequence, BJP's manifesto will also be released at ten o'clock this morning. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will release it.

BJP national spokesperson Sanjay Mayukh gave this information. He told that Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will release the BJP's manifesto at Hotel Chanakya in Patna. During this, many BJP leaders including Bihar BJP in-charge Bhupendra Yadav, election in-charge Devendra Fadnavis, Bihar BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal will be present.

JDU has already issued manifesto

Significantly, the Janata Dal United, an important component of the NDA, has already issued its manifesto. Recently the Grand Alliance also issued their joint declaration. On Wednesday, the Lok Janshakti Party announced its manifesto in the name of the vision document and the Congress called its change letter.

Grand Alliance's manifesto

The Mahagathbandhan released its manifesto on the first day of Navratri for the Bihar assembly elections. The Grand Alliance has named the Common Manifesto as a resolution letter for change. The priorities set for Bihar after formation of government in RJD as well as Congress and Left parties are mentioned in this manifesto.

Employment of one million youth in the first cabinet

Fee waived on application form to be filled for examination

Government will pay the fare to go to the examination centers

Will work to stop the migration

Promise for equal work equal pay for teachers

Promise to double honorarium of living sisters

In the first assembly session, the promise of the emancipation of the farmers of Bihar has been promised with the effect of the three bills related to agriculture of the Center.

Congress manifesto

The Congress on Wednesday released a separate manifesto from its Grand Alliance regarding the assembly general elections starting next week in Bihar. The party has named it Bihar Parivartan Patra. In this manifesto, the Congress has promised the farmers of Bihar to waive free power and debt if they come to power.

Debt of farmers waived on coming to power

Poor electricity bill waived

The farmers promise to get the right price for the right crop

Promise to reject agricultural laws

Promise to give 1500 rupees every month to unemployed till get job

Promise to give pension of ₹ 1000 to widowed women

LJP manifesto

The LJP released the vision document for the Bihar assembly elections. LJP chief Chirag Paswan issued a document in the form of a manifesto promising to build a grand temple of Sita Maiya. Know their key promises…

With the implementation of Bihar First Bihari First, all women will get free bus travel.

Promise of equal work equal pay

Prompt reinstatement of approved and approved posts of all departments

Promise to establish state-of-the-art cancer institutes

Promise of formation of Bihar First Bihari First Youth Commission

Mata Sita's promise to build a grand temple

Promise to modernize SC-ST hostel with Wi-Fi, library, mess, sports material, and security guard

It is to be noted here that till now NDA has not released its manifesto and it is expected that NDA will issue its manifesto today. But the NDA has definitely released its report card for the Bihar elections. So let's know what is in the report card of NDA.