Lebanon blast: 16 employees arrested in blast case at Beirut port

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The death toll in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday has risen to 157. Beirut harbor's 16 employees have been arrested for breaking the rules. The Military Court has formed an inquiry committee. It has been asked to investigate the matter and make suggestions for the future. The committee will submit the initial report to the court in 4 days. Meanwhile, Sweden and France have assured Lebanon of help in investigating the incident.

The investigation into the blast on Tuesday is moving fast. 18 people have been questioned. On the orders of Military Court Judge Fadi Akiki, 16 people have been arrested. The court has sought an initial report from the inquiry committee in 4 days. The government has been asked whose carelessness kept 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in containers in the port for 7 years. The Port Ministry has been asked whether approval was taken for this. Where it was to be used.