Zoom to set up technology center in Bengaluru

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Zoom Video Communications said on Tuesday that it would set up a new technology center in Bengaluru to expand its presence in India and take up key positions over the next few years.

The company said in a statement that the decision was taken after users adopted the zoom on a large scale across India. "From January to April 2020, there has been an increase of 6,700 per cent in the free user sign-up of Zoom in India," the statement said. The company said that it already has an office in Mumbai and has two data centers.

The company further stated that the expansion in Bengaluru would help its existing research and development centers. Zoom said she chose Bangalore because of her exceptional engineering and IT talent and would soon hire engineers, IT, security and business operations professionals. The company also said that until the situation in Covid-19 improves, its employees will work from home.

The company said, "India is a strategically important country for Zoom and we expect continued growth and investment here." Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan said, "We are proud to offer our services to over 2,300 educational institutions for free during the covid-19 epidemic in India and look forward to continuing to work with the people and government of India."

He said, 'We plan to appoint key staff for the Technology Center over the next few years, which will include India's highly-educated engineering talent.