Valdimir Putin will be President of Russia until 2036

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In Russia, a referendum for constitutional amendment stamped the approval of President Vladimir Putin to remain in power until 2036. Putin's claim in the referendum has found support. The referendum lasted for seven days amid the Corona crisis and fierce opposition from opposition leaders and ended on Wednesday.

Putin will remain President until the age of 84, based on the referendum. After the constitutional amendment, Putin's current term will end, he will get the presidency for two additional terms of six years each. Putin, born in 1952, will turn 84 in 2036.

In Russia, no leader from Lenin to Yeltsin has seen his 80th birthday. Putin will be the first leader to hold power even after the age of 80. During Putin's tenure the life span of the Russian people increased by an average of ten years. This year Putin will turn 68, which is considered to be the average life span of a Russian person in the current era.

According to media reports, during the referendum, the voting process was slow due to the Corona epidemic. There was not much crowd of people at the election booth. Hence the voting took a week to complete. Putin campaigned extensively to get support in the referendum to get the constitution amended.

Putin said that we are voting for the country for which we work and which we want to hand over to our children and grandchildren. Opposition leaders have raised questions about the referendum, with former Kremlin political adviser Gleb Pablowski saying the president held a referendum despite the threat of Corona infection.