Follow Army orders, Either close Facebook account or Resign: High Court

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On Tuesday, The Delhi High Court refused to give Interim relief to a senior army officer, saying that either follow the order of the organization or resign. He has recently challenged the military's prohibition of using social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram for armed force personnel.

The High Court said that they had the option and asked them to close Facebook account as the decision to ban the use of social networking platform for military personnel has been taken keeping in view the security of the country. The court said that he could later create a new social media account.

A bench of Justices Rajiv Sahay Andlaw and Asha Menon said that there is no question of granting interim relief when no reason has been found to consider the petition. "Especially when the matter is related to the security of the country," the bench said.

Lieutenant Colonel PK Chaudhary said that when he closes the account all the data, contacts and contacts in his Facebook account will be lost which will then be 'difficult to restore'. The bench said, 'No Execuses, please close it.

You can create a new account anytime.

You are part of an organization. You have to obey its orders. The court said, 'If you like Facebook more then resign. you have a choice, whatever you do. You also have other options.

According to the six-pronged policy, all Indian Army personnel have been ordered to close their accounts on Facebook, Instagram and 87 other apps.