China presents solution to resolve border dispute with Bhutan

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China defended its recent claim on the Sakateng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan, saying that the two countries had not yet demarcated and offered a package solution to resolve the border dispute.

China had recently protested its funding in the Global Environment Center Council, staking its claim on the sanctuary. When asked about the claim on the sanctuary, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in a media briefing here that there was no demarcation between the two countries. He said that China's stand is firm and clear.

There is no demarcation between China and Bhutan and there are some disputes in the central, eastern and western parts. Therefore, China advocates package resolution to resolve the dispute. He said that China opposes making this issue a dispute in multilateral forums and is in touch with the concerned parties.

According to reports, the Embassy of Bhutan in New Delhi has sent an objection letter to the Chinese Embassy regarding the claim on the sanctuary. World Bank official Aparna Subramani, a representative of Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka, said Bhutan completely rejects China's claim.

The GEF Council has since approved the financing of Saketeng. There are no diplomatic relations between China and Bhutan, but the two countries keep in touch through official visits to each other from time to time. The two countries have held talks 24 times to resolve the border dispute.