Vandalising Gandhi’s statue is outrageous: US president Trump

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US President Donald Trump has said that distorting the statue of Mahatma Gandhi is humiliating. Mahatma Gandhi's statue was sprayed and damaged during protests across the country after African-American George Floyd was killed in police custody.

Gandhi's statue stands on the road in front of the Indian embassy, it was vandalised during the intervening night of June 2 and 3. The Indian embassy has filed a complaint with the law enforcement local agencies.

When asked about the incident, Trump said at the White House on Monday, 'It is outrageous.

The Indian Embassy has taken up the matter with the Ministry of External Affairs for quick investigation. Simultaneously, the Metropolitan Police and the National Park Service have also given information about this.

The Indian Embassy is working with the US State Department, the Metropolitan Police and the National Park Service to repair the statue.

Last week, two US lawmakers and Trump's campaign condemned the incident of deforming the statue. Kimberley Guilfoil, Donald J. Trump's advisor for Prezentad Inc. and national chairman of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, tweeted, 'Very disappointing',

while North Carolina MP Tom Pulis said, "It is disgraceful to see Mahatma Gandhi's statue deformed." He said,
'Gandhi was the leader of peaceful demonstrations and showed how big a change it can bring.

Rebellion, loot and sabotage cannot unite us. '

US Ambassador to India Ken Juster has apologized for the incident. He tweeted last week and said, 'I am saddened by the distortion of Gandhi's statue in Washington DC. Please accept our apology. '