UNESCO: 40 percent countries failed to support students in Corona crisis

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According to UNESCO's Global Education Monitoring (GEM) report 2020, at least 40% of the world's low and middle income countries failed to provide proper means of reading to the students during school closure due to the corona crisis.

The fourth edition of the annual report released on Tuesday also said that less than 10 percent of countries around the world have laws that ensure full inclusion in education. GEM report director Manos Antoninis said, 'Corona has given us the opportunity to rethink about our education system. But we cannot reach overnight in a world that welcomes and considers diversity.

There is a difference between teaching all children under one roof and developing an environment where the child can read well. But Corona has taught us that if we think then things can be done differently also.

The report said that the education system fails to meet the special needs of students. The report said, "Sign language has been officially recognized in only 41 countries of the world and schools around the world are more receptive to the convenience of the Internet than to providing a medium of learning to students with disabilities." Thirty three and half million girls went to such schools where they did not have water, cleanliness available.