Two arrested for allegedly spying for pakistan

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The intelligence unit of the Rajasthan Police on Monday arrested two employees of a military establishment for allegedly spying for Pakistan.

A senior officer gave this information. He said that both the suspects allegedly used to convey confidential information about the Indian Army to the intelligence agency of Pakistan through social media.

The suspects have been identified as Chaman Lal Nayak, who worked on contract at Mahajan Field Firing Range in Bikaner and Tadmen Vikas Tilotya at Field Ammunition Depot in Ganganagar. He is being brought to Jaipur and is being interrogated at the Central Interrogation Center.

Intelligence unit officer Umesh Mishra said the money was deposited in the accounts of Tilotya, a resident of Jhunjhunu and some of his relatives, in exchange for sharing confidential information with Pakistan's intelligence agency.

He said that relatives of Tilotya are also being questioned. Mishra said that both the suspects used mobile phones to convey confidential and political information related to military activities to Pakistan.

He said the army intelligence unit from Lucknow had provided primary information about the suspects to the state intelligence unit and they were apprehended in the joint operation. Mishra said that both the suspects are being questioned under the Official Secrets Act.