Trump administration is considering H-1B visa suspension

Photo"Photo" by Carol Ruth Weber

US President Donald Trump is considering suspension of some other visa, including the famous H-1B visa among Indian IT professionals. The reason for Trump's idea of this plan is rising unemployment in the US.

The demand for this visa is the highest among Indian IT professionals, so they are sure to suffer the most if Trump plans to suspend H-1B visa.

According to the report published in the US newspaper 'The Wall Street Journal', the US government may approve this proposed suspension in the next financial year. The US financial year begins on October 1 and many new visas are then issued,

According to this report published by the Trump Administration's unnamed Officer, this arrangement could impose a ban on the work of any new H-1B visa holder outside the country until the suspension is over.

However, those who already have visas within the country are unlikely to be affected. The H-1B visa is a non-immigration visa. It allows American companies to hire foreign employees, especially in technology expertise.