Tiktok rival Mitron App removed from play store

The mobile app Mitron, which is becoming famous as a rival to Tik Tok, has been removed from the Play Store. This app was created by a developer in Pakistan named Tic-Tic and later IIT Students of India bought it and named it Mitron. Google has taken this action, blaming the violation of the 'Spam and Minimum Functionality' policy.

The Google policy page states that apps that copy content from other apps but do not make any changes or add value to them violate these rules. The policy states, "We do not approve such apps which give the same experience as the apps already on the Google Play Store." There is a need to have content or services unique on the app.

Irfan Sheikh, CEO and Founder of Qboxus said that, no change has been made in Tic Tic after being bought by IIT Students. The app name changed to Mitron on the Google Play Store.

Sheikh said, "What the developer has done is not a problem. Paid them for the script and used it, which is fine. But the problem is that people are calling it an app built in India, which is not good. Especially when they haven't made any changes. ''

It was downloaded by more than 50 lakh people in a few days. Launched on April 11, the app offers the option to create, edit and attach videos on the lines of Tikot.