slums in urban areas of India have the highest risk of corona infection: ICMR

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), slums in urban areas of India have the highest risk of corona infection. According to the survey conducted by the Council, the risk of infection in cities is 1.09 times and in urban slums almost twice more than in villages.

The council said that the prevalence of infection in India is not yet at the community level. ICMR Director General Dr. Balram Bhargava said in a press conference on Thursday that we conducted a sero survey in May in which samples of more than 26 thousand people from 83 districts were taken. According to the survey report, infection has been found in 0.73 percent population of these districts. According to the survey, only 0.08 percent of deaths occurred due to infection in these districts.

He said that India is a very big country and the spread of the disease is very low. Certainly the spread of infection in our country is not at the community level. This also proves that India's nationwide pandemonium and virus infection prevention strategies have been successful. However, there is still a risk of infection on a large section of the country's population. Bhargava said that the risk of infection is higher in cities than in villages. Presenting the survey data, he said that the risk of infection in cities is 1.09 times higher than in villages whereas it is 1.89 times more in slums in cities.

He said that to avoid infection, we have to strictly follow the rules of physical distance, use of masks, cleaning hands etc. In addition, localized compulsions will have to be adopted in areas with more infection. State governments will have to implement the infection prevention strategy more strictly. states can't give relaxation in surveillance. There were no cases of infection in the 15 districts included in this survey of the ICMR. Infections were spread across 22 districts at low, 16 districts at medium and 18 districts at high levels.