Mahatma gandhi statue vandalised in Washington DC: US ambassador apologised

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Mahatma Gandhi's statue has been vandalised outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC amid violent protests against the death of black man George Floyd in US police custody. Troublemakers sprayed paint on the statue.

On this, US Ambassador to India Ken Juster apologized on Thursday. Juster tweeted, 'I am saddened by the deformed Gandhi statue in Washington DC. Please accept our apology. I am also surprised by the horrific death of George Floyd and the incidents of violence and sabotage. We are against bias and discrimination of any kind. At the same time, the Indian Embassy in America has filed a complaint.


North calorina U.S senator Mr. Thom thillis also condemned this incident,He wrote in his tweet :-

"It's disgraceful to see the defacing of the Gandhi statue in DC. Gandhi was a pioneer of peaceful protesting, demonstrating the great change it can bring. Rioting, looting and vandalizing do not bring us together."