China exonerates itself from global allegations, releases whitepaper on Covid-19


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On June 7, a whitepaper was released by the China government exonerating itself from the global allegations.The paper issued a lengthy explanation to rebut the allegations of concealment and delay by Beijing on reporting the corona virus outbreak last year in Wuhan, claiming that the virus was first observed in Wuhan on december 27 as a viral pneumonia and the human-to-human transmission was discovered on January 19 following which the country started taking actions in order to curb it.

China criticized the suggestions that it hid important information about the corona virus outbreak and stated that it had actively disseminated information and has acted transparently towards informing the world of the developmemts in a timely manner.

"Some foreign politicians and media have presumed guilt for the origin of the virus, put labels on the virus and politicised the epidemic", Xu Lin, head of the state council information office, underlined at a briefing in Beijing on Sunday. He further added, "the fabricated assumptions- like the 'China origins of the virus' and 'it's China's responsibility' are utterly baseless, unreasonable and disrespectful of science."

US President Donald Trump and leaders of several other countries have accused China of not being active and transparent in reporting the deadly disease, leading to huge human casualties and economic crisis across the globe.

According to John Hopkins Coronavirus Research centre, the coronavirus has infected over 68,00,000 people and killed nearly 4,00,000 across the globe. The US is the worst affected country with over 1.9 million cases and more than 1,09,000 deaths, while the total number of cases in China stand at 84,177.

The deadly virus has also belaboured the world economy with the International Monetory Fund stating that the global economy, which was recovering slowly even before the covid-19 outbreak, is now bound to suffer a 'severe recession' in 2020. Meanwhile the world bank has also called for countries to galvanize the efforts to fight the disease and imporove the economy.

Recently, the World health assembly, the decision making body of World Health Organisation (WHO), passed a resolution, which was also backed by China to prove the origin of Coronavirus.

The released Whitepaper said that the international community must find resolve and forge unity. 'Solidarity means strength. The world will win this battle',the paper added.