#BlackLivesMatter trends on social media, violence and Mass prorest continues across America

In the wake of George Floyd's death, a blackman who died after being arrested by the police outside a shop in Minnepolis, Minnesota. The footage of the arrest went viral and spread wrath among the citizens of USA and they initiated a mass protest to seek justice and to condemn the brutal act of police and the way he was treated.

Over the weekend, those protests turned into riots and unrest spread across the nation. On the sixth day of protest, a curfew was imposed in nearly 40 cities and a clash between the people and the forces was also witnessed in many of US districts and it lead to tense stand offs. 1,669 people have been arrested in 22 districts so far.

Police vehicles were burnt and shops were looted in manu cities. The police in retailation and to disperse the crowd, fired tear gas and pepper bullets.

The National Guards - The US reserve milliray force were deoloyed outside wWhire House when the protesters started inflicting violence by lighting fires and throwing stones at the officers. 'State and local law enforcement agencies remain responsbile for security ' The national gurad added.

In response to the violence eruptd in Philladelphia , President Donald Trump tweeted that law and order must be enforced with immediate effect. About 13 police officers were injured in the philladelphia demonstration.