BJP’s virtual rally will be held on June 7 instead of June 9 in bihar

The virtual rally of Union Home Minister Amit Shah will now take place on June 7 instead of June 9. This information was given by BJP State President of Sanjay Jaiswal. He informed that the date has been changed due to technical reasons. Shah will address the people of the entire state simultaneously through digital mediums. This will be the first rally of its kind. The party will organize several virtual rallies across the state in view of the upcoming assembly elections. Amit Shah's rally is its beginning. He will address Biharis digitally on June 7 at 4 pm.

Jaiswal said that in view of the Corona crisis, political activities will not happen as before, hence the party will use more social media mediums and other digital platforms in this election. Our network has been established from the state to the booth level, which is going to play a very important role in the success of this event. Till now we have succeeded in communicating with Mandal level workers through video conference. Our experiment of connecting Sapta Rishis and booth level workers with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat program was also more successful than expected. This experience will certainly help in making the success of our virtual rallies unprecedented.

Describing the preparations for the program, BJP State Vice President Rajendra Singh, who is in charge of the virtual rally, said that this virtual rally of the Union Home Minister is going to prove historic in many ways. No political party in the whole world has organized this kind of event. Bihar BJP will be the first political party which is using digital mediums in this way and on such a wide scale. Along with connecting the field workers on mobiles, laptops, our goal is to ensure the participation of the general public in it. For this, this rally will also be broadcast through TV screens at various places in all districts.