Arvind Kejriwal: Corona spreading rapidly in Delhi, we accept every decision of the center

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Wednesday that Corona is going to spread very fast in Delhi in the coming time. He said that there was a meeting of the State Disaster Management (SDM) authority on Tuesday. According to the figures presented there, by June 15, there will be 44 thousand cases in Delhi, which is currently 31 thousand. There will be one lakh cases by June 30, 2.25 lakh cases by July 15 and 5.32 lakh corona cases by July 31.

In view of this, 6681 by June 15, 15 thousand beds by June 30, 33 thousand by July 15 and 80 thousand beds by July 31. This challenge is huge, so now this fight against Corona has to be made a mass movement. For this, we have to take care of three things, the first is to always wear a mask while going out, the second is to wash hands frequently and the third is to take full care of social distancing. Till now we had to do it ourselves, but now we have to ask others to do it too, because if someone else is not doing it then it can also spread corona. Therefore, you have to do it yourself and follow it from others. The fight against Corona has to be a mass movement.

Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi cabinet had decided that only Delhiites should be treated in Delhi hospitals during the Corona crisis, but the central government has reversed the Lt. Governor. Now LG and Center order will be implemented. Now we have to fight Corona together and not with each other. Politics should be stopped on this.

Kejriwal said that while there may be shortcomings in our work, there is no shortage in our intention and will. He said that I want to assure the people of Delhi that you will get full treatment. Along with this, he has also advised the neighboring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to arrange beds and treatment for their residents.

Kejriwal said that I request the neighboring states to make proper treatment for the people of their state there, so that at least people come to Delhi. I hope he is doing better. This will reduce the burden on Delhi.