Yogi Adityanath signs pact with industries: declares jobs for 11 lakh migrant workers

In an unprecedented move on friday, yogi Adityanath led UP government announced to give jobs to 11 lakh migrant workers and labourers from bodies such as FICCI and India industries Association, emphasising that this will increase a massive amount of labour force in the industry.

He further added that enforcement of such policies would result in skill enhancement and skill building of such workers resulting in a financial stability in their lives and would bring improvement in their living standards. Skill mapping for 18 lakh workers has already taken place and assured that further improvements are to be done.

Yogi adityanath called manpower as the biggest strength and also emphasised that the state is walking on a path of growth and migrant workers have an important and huge role in creating a new Uttar Pradesh. He also enunciated that the state government announced that Rs. 1000 compensation would be provided for the labourers who are quarantined and the same has already been given 33 lakh manufacturing labourers as yet.

With the state government signing MOUs with the industry bodies, the migrant workers returning to their native places in Uttar Pradesh from all across the country would get job security and would be able to find work. CM also stated that proper facilities would be provided for the workers ensuring a safe environment.

Meanwhile refereing to the 'Loan Mela' scheme from the finance minister Nirmala sitharaman's announcement of Rs. 3 lakh crore government backed guaranteed loans to MSMEs sectors, the CM also added that about 57000 MSMEs have been taken advantage of the scheme successfully. Uttar Pradesh CM also said that social security and medical facilities shall be provided to the migrant workers returning to UP from across the nation.