Delhi: CM Arvind kejriwal said- we are four steps ahead corona virus,can’t keep lockdown forever

On lockdown should be extended further or not, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in a press conference on Saturday that today no one can say that Corona will be cured if we lockdown a month or two more. Corona will remain, if corona remains, then treatment will have to be arranged for corona. Our entire government is currently focusing on treating Corona patients.Kejriwal said that Delhi is seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases, we accept it, but there is nothing to worry about. I assure you that the AAP government is four steps ahead of the Corona virus. We are fully prepared to deal with this epidemic. We cannot do permanent lockdown.Talking about the preparedness of the Delhi government on the corona virus, Kejriwal said that there are a total of 17386 cases of corona in Delhi. Of that 7846 people have recovered and 9142 people are still sick. Of these, 398 people have died.He said that in the last 15 days, 8,500 patients have increased in Delhi, but only 500 patients have been admitted in hospitals. Most people have mild symptoms and are recovering from home isolation at home. There is no need to panic anyone. Of the total patients, only 2100 are in hospitals, the rest are being treated in their own homes. 6500 beds of corona treatment are ready so far and 9500 beds will be ready in another week. Delhi CM said that we are launching an app whereby all people will get correct information about how many beds are there in which hospital related to Corona so that no one is inconvenienced. Arvind Kejriwal indirectly targeted the opposition and said that please do not do dirty politics. Spreading fake videos or information breaks the morale of our doctors and creates confusion in public. It’s not right to do all these at this time.